Census images 

The 1880 census shows Edith and Ellen (ages 6 and 4, respectively). Youngest sister Katherine isn’t born until 1885. In the 1900 census, all three daughters are listed.

By 1910, Ellen and Walter are married, and their first two children have arrived. They are listed, along with cook, Jeanette Brown; butler, John Hill; and nurse, Ethel [last name illegible].

The Pyle family does not appear to have participated in the 1920 census. The record from 1930 shows all the children at home, along with Ellen’s mother, Kate Thompson, and the Saunders family, who were live-in help. Lorenzo is listed as the butler, and his wife, Nannee [?] is listed as the cook. Their son, Wallace, is just over three years old.


Exhibit catalogs

Howard Pyle organized a number of exhibits for both his regular students during the school year and for his summer students. Ellen B. Thompson had two pieces exhibited in 1897, but she had more in 1898 and 1899.






In 1912, a year after Howard Pyle’s death, an exhibition of his students’ work was held in the Du Pont Building in Wilmington, Delaware. Ellen Pyle had two works exhibited, Children of the Press and The Sissors’ [sic] Grinder.

WSFA exhibit catalog 1912

Ellen’s work (and pieces by her son, Walter Jr., and daughter Ellen) appear in future WSFA exhibits as well:

WSFA exhibit catalog 1917

WSFA exhibit catalog 1923

WSFA exhibit catalog 1925_Feb

WSFA exhibit catalog 1925_Nov

WSFA exhibit catalog 1927

WSFA exhibit catalog 1928

WSFA exhibit catalog 1929

WSFA exhibit catalog 1931

WSFA exhibit catalog 1933

WSFA exhibit catalog 1934

WSFA six room exhibit 1930