Unpublished Works

Ellen Pyle had a number of unpublished works.

These unpublished pieces below are larger, finished works; several are portraits.

The portrait of Phoebe Pyle Brokaw was exhibited in 1925, along with the painting of Caroline. Both are mentioned in this article from the Wilmington paper.

The full caption under the photograph of the portrait reads, “The portrait of Mrs. Roberts W. Brokaw of Newark, N.J., by Ellen Bernard Pyle, which is one of the outstanding paintings in the present exhibition of work of Delaware artists at the Library gallery, has an added interest, beyond its technical success, owing to the fact that Mrs. Brokaw was Phoebe Pyle, daughter of Howard and Mrs. [Anne Poole] Pyle. The artist, Mrs. Walter Pyle, was not only a pupil of Howard Pyle, but his sister-in-law, through her marriage with his brother. The striking likeness is commented on by visitors to the gallery who know the subject, while its uncommon decorative quality is recognized by all.” Every Evening, Saturday, February 21, 1925.

Ellen Pyle did many studies that were never published. She particularly enjoyed painting children, as is evident in the works below.